why gluten-free?

First of all… the personal benefits we have seen:

Day 5: I went my first whole day that I can remember without indigestion and burning in my stomach.
Day 10: symptoms of IBS that I had lived with for a long time started to subside. I’m talking stomach cramping so badly that sometimes I could not stand up straight.
Day 15: My stomach began to flatten out, my energy was increasing and I was starting to see an improvement in my workouts

Turns out… I have a major gluten intolerance…  My body had been rejecting gluten all that time. I can’t tell you how many doctors I went to and what I did and did not eat to try to make my stomach problems go away (in the way of cutting out certain fruits, veggies and meats). Nothing, I mean nothing worked. Not even the plethora of medications I was on. Not one doctor ever suggested the possibility of a food allergy, much less a wheat or gluten allergy.

Although I saw the immediate physical effects of Paleo – my husband, Carter, also saw a significant change in his health. He does not have the stomach issues that I  had suffered with, but his gluten intolerance manifested itself in a different way. Since beginning Bootcamp and Crossfit, he had lost significant weight. You could see it all over – but he still had a bit around the mid section. We called it the beer baby. He wasn’t 2 weeks in to Paleo and the beer baby disappeared. Gone. POOF. But, the impressive part, Carter had been on high blood pressure medication since he was 30 years old. After 2 months of Paleo – Carter’s blood pressure began to regulate and even go a little lower than desired. After several visits to his doctor and his blood pressure staying low and decreasing the medication – the doctor gave the green light to go off his medication. He’s been medication free for about 2 years now and his blood pressure is perfect!

I mean, those two experiences were enough for me to stick with this lifestyle – but why those changes? That’s where the science comes in… and without getting all white lab coat and black rimmed glasses on you – let me just say this: Gluten causes insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity causes inflammation all over your body. Inflammation from gluten is linked to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, autoimmune diseases, ADD, HD, Autism… and the list goes on. Since I don’t wear a white lab coat or black rimmed glasses, I’ll save the super sciencey stuff for the experts below:

www.thepaleodiet.com – this Dr. Loren Cordain’s website, one of the leaders in the Paleo revolution
www.robbwolf.com – Another expert – that has really taken Paleo into the mainstream. Listen to him he knows what he’s talking about and he’s funny.
www.marksdailyapple.com – Mark Sisson – great writer and info from an athletic perspective. It is a Primal blog and not strictly paleo.

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