about modpaleo

 Welcome to modpaleo – my name is Amber Lewis, I am a Crossfit & Bootcamp coach, lover of food and eater of paleo. I also have a thing for puppy dogs. I have to mention that because it will, at some point, come up in what you read. I have settled in North Carolina with the hubs and our two dogs (read:children), and the occasional foster pup (read: frequent). Ok, there. That’s done.

I am not a doctor or a scientist; and I am not a nutritionist in the traditional sense of the word. I grew up in a work hard/play hard family. Although my parents mainly focused on the work hard part… both ignoring their health, as well as mine. I mean, it was the 80’s in Texas – big hair, Virginia Slim Menthols, angus beef and Jack in the Box (btw, I LOVED their hot ham & cheese). So how did I make it to this life of eating real food, cutting out most (if not all) processed foods? My Mom has severe heart disease – and when I say severe, I mean it. She is in the cath lab about every 3-6 months getting another stent to open a blocked artery. Not to mention the plethora of open heart, arterial bypass and carotid surgeries she’s undergone in the past 15 years. And, if I didn’t do something about my lifestyle, I was headed down the same road. I met a boy and we got married; found Crossfit. (not in that order) Then came the Zone and about 6 months into it, someone mentioned Paleo… Pal-e-o… huh? “Wait, I can’t have cream in my coffee? I’m out.” Well it took a weekend at the Mayfield farm, thank you Mayfields and Hayes’, before I actually considered trying this “new” “diet” called Paleo. Please understand that I put new and diet in quotes because this is not a new way of eating, nor a diet. This is returning to our ancestral roots of what we as hunters & gatherers were meant to eat, it’s a lifestyle change. Keep this in mind should you decide to start a journey of your own. After a weekend of eating Paleo without realizing it,  Carter was on board too, BONUS (Since I am the cook of the household the convincing was kinda easy)! That Monday morning, we jumped on the Paleo train and have been preaching ever since.

Through my Paleo journey I have discovered a love of cooking, and that I am a foodie at heart. I love to cook, talk, shop everything food. This is where I will journal this lifestyle. I hope you enjoy the blog.

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