Oh, Atlanta I hear you calling…

I ran away from home on Sunday. 85-southbound to Hotlanta. So what warrants a spontaneous 3 hour road trip? My dear friend Melissa Hayes is PREGGERS!!! 6.5 months to be exact – well not exact, if you ask her she’ll say, “6.5 months I think, I don’t know…” and then give you the very innocent sweet Melissa smile that she does so well. (Of course, she does know but is in denial that she has ONLY 3 months left till we meet the little bean!!!).

So the Atlanta ladies (and me) are on the baby party committee (it’s not a shower) and Sunday a baby party planning meeting was to be held. 3:30 at YEAH! burger (I want one in Charlotte). Well, I couldn’t miss out, so Saturday night at 11pm (after a drink or two) I promised I would be there. It was a virtual pinky swear really, so I had to go. Once there, it just so happened that Paleo Comfort Foods was having a cookbook signing and Paleo night at Carambas Cafe  on Monday – so my one day trip turned into a 3 day, 2 night stay. I mean, I was already there 🙂

What a fun trip! I am so glad they twisted my arm and talked me into staying an extra night! Melissa, Jeff, Fuego and Spike were wonderful Amber-sitters, as always! Sunday night for dinner we went to Iberian Pig in Decatur. WOW. DELICIOUS & Gluten free!!! They had a special menu outlining all their gluten-free salads, tapas and big plates. Both mornings Jeff prepared a yummy Paleo breakfast and Monday night it was off to Paleo night at Carambas Cafe! Which was, you guessed it, DELICIOUS! Yes, they are a mexican cafe with an extensive Paleo menu every Monday night.

OK, so my reason for recapping my weekend? Well,  Jeff and Melissa are the reason I am here – I mean not physically here, but they are the reason I got into Crossfit and Paleo and have completely changed my life for the better. And, Carter’s too! So I am always grateful for their continued friendship! Secondly, although I had an inside track to decide on area restaurants, when traveling in metropolitan areas, it’s becoming soooo easy to eat gluten free. I mean Atlanta is the Dirty South, home of fried chicken and waffles (there’s even a restaurant called Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles) and I was able to make choices to eat clean. Oh, speaking of clean… I do have to come clean regarding one poor decision I made while in Atlanta: Zesto’s. Yes, there may have been a drive-thru run for some ice cream. HEY, the lady is preggo – I couldn’t let her eat ice cream alone.

I have absolutely no tie-in for todays blog and recipe – so I am not even going to try 🙂 except that I took my camera and had my computer with every intention of posting this recipe on Monday. Well, it’s Thursday or Friday so you see how well hat worked out! Inspired by the LULU Castro burger – here’s my version with Proffitt grassfed ground beef and Applegate farms pancetta.

eatin out, in.

Herb Burger
4-5 leaves of fresh basil rinsed and chopped
2 leaves of fresh mint rinsed and chopped
1 small stem of fresh oregano rinsed and chopped
2 cloves of garlic minced
1lb of grassfed ground beef
4 slices of Applegate farms pancetta
Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
Fresh ground rainbow peppercorn
One head of butter lettuce
Dollop of Stone ground mustard

In a large bowl mix the ground beef, herbs and garlic (including the salt and pepper). Form in to hamburger patties – grill on medium to high heat or use a grill pan on high heat to sear each side. Then turn the heat down to medium to finish cooking. While that is finishing – on low heat, I toasted the pancetta. Two pieces per burger.

On a plate use 4 butter leaves to make a “bun”, I also sliced some tomato and avocado. Add a dollop mustard to the top of the tomato. I served with chipotle sweet potato fries. The “dip” you see was terrible. I’ll try another variation of that and report back. (insert embarrassed emoticon here)

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