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Well hello there! It’s been a while – after the big move we spent a few days, ahem, a couple of weeks sans internet, phone and cable thanks to AT&T Uverse. Oh technology… I love you and loathe you all at the same time. But, I am BACK! And will be posting on a more regular basis! Promise. So many posts to make – as I’ve been cooking up a storm lately. However, today I want to pimp someone elses cooking! My friend Jules in hotlanta has a cookbook coming out! It’s called Paleo Comfort Foods and even though she’s a girl from Philly (she married a southern gent) it’s full of good ol’ southern recipes that are PALEO! My mom has always been my big inspiration in the kitchen – but knowing Jules in Atlanta and being in a food swap with her while we were doing a Zone challenge, really caught my interest in cooking good food. I credit her for pushing me over the edge and honing my cooking skills!

So here is my review:

First of all, the foreward is by Robb Wolf. Enough said. They start with all that you’ll need to make paleo cooking easier and really in general, things that every cook needs in the kitchen. Next is a section about their paleo journey, where they shop and their overall approach to paleo and the food they eat. Then THE RECIPES and there are a metric ton of them! I mean, they keep going and going and going. It is truely a bible of paleo food. And the photos, MARK ADAMS, (aka, The Grizz) are mouth watering. I sent Jules a text last night that this cookbook was the Betty Crocker of Paleo. It is an amazing collection, of amazing food. I can’t wait to try some out and report! If you haven’t ordered, order it now!

Having trouble with wordpress links today – below are the links to Amazon to purchase the cookbook and to Mark Adams photo page! Not the prettiest, but it works 🙂

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