Spontaneous date night!


Well the hubs and I found ourselves at home. Together. By 6pm last night. This is a rarity. So we had a spontaneous date night! We had a ton of tomatoes from the garden and our CSA, so I had been thinking all day of what to do with them. I had already made salsa. I had already made cucumber and tomato salad. I had already sliced tomatoes with dinner. I had already made spaghetti sauce… I was running out of options. Then standing in the kitchen in one fell swoop I spotted a tomato, avocado and I thought… BASIL! Caprese salad it is! Well, without the cheese – we’re going total paleo style for this date night meal. 

Paleo Caprese Salad
Slice several varieties of heirloom tomato
Slice one avocado width way
Chiffonade about 1o basil leaves
Layer the avocado, tomato and chiffonade basil. Add fresh ground sea salt and pepper. Drizzle with truffle infused grapeseed oil and balsamic vinegar.

On another trail of thought… I was at the noon crossfit class earlier this week – just after a post I made on the UCF nutrition blog about my crush on okra – Seth Martin, who is now my hero – asked, “have you ever had grilled okra?” and proceeded to give me step by step instructions on grilling this glorious veggie. If you didn’t know, I LOVE okra. Like really, really love it! I could eat it with every meal. And, well, I do. Below I am about halfway through following instructions explicitly, which I will pass on to you.

Use fire wire for this tasty treat! (google it) Thread one firewire near the okra cap and one fire wire about midway to the bottom of the okra. For the bottom pass – make sure you have enough room so the okra does not split in two. Brush on grapeseed oil. Add sea salt and pepper. Dust with garlic powder. Place on preheated grill – about 350-400 degrees for about 5 minutes. Then flip for another 5 minutes (this is where you’ll LOVE the firewire)

And for the 3rd and final element of date night dinner – the ribeye – fresh from Proffitt Family Farms! Yum. Not much-needed there. Just a little – sea salt, pepper and garlic powder. I’ll take mine medium rare – Carter likes medium. Grilled to perfection!Oh, I lied – there was a 4th element. Our bevvies – since we are 18 days into the Whole30 challenge we’ve perfected the virgin mojito – did I mention we have a TON of mint? The drink goes like this: fill glass with ice. muddle lime, mint, a touch of basil and rosemary. Add soda water and muddle to iced glass – stir with stem of rosemary and serve with a straw. Very refreshing in this heat!

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