Tomatillo Rich

So I have two tomatillo plants. Purple tomatillo plants to be exact. And when I purchased them from the farmer’s market the farmer looked at me over his eyeglasses and said, “these are going to get big – they need lots of room”. I smiled, nodded and thought, I have the perfect spot for them! They are in the same garden plot with 2 out of the 5 original tomato plants, basil, oregano and mint (I am also mint rich, does anyone need any mint? For anything? Free mint… just let me know). And a HUGE rosemary bush that was existing when we moved here.

Back to the tomatillo plants. They have in fact gotten huge. About 7 feet tall and I haven’t been able to keep up and stake them. I am only 5’2 soooooooo, there’s that. And, well, I can’t get a ladder near them to stake because they are taking up so. much. room. I was only able to stake these plants to about 6 feet. Since then they have gotten a mind of their own. They have curled over and started to grow down and across the ground. They have also manhandled the stakes and everything is now leaning to the left. This has not in any way hampered their growth or their production of fruit. The good news? I love tomatillos! Better news? I have a pork shoulder in the freezer that I am saving for the tomatillo harvest – Bring on the Green Chili pork! See how I did that? Sneaky segway into the recipe of the day. This is one of my all time favorite meals and you need a lot of tomatillos to make the sauce. Mouth watering yet? Here’s it is!

Green Chili Pork
Pork Shoulder
Grapeseed Oil on hand
5 cups chicken broth – check the ingredients – no sugar or cane juice added please.
1 cup red onion chopped
8-10 tomatillos chopped
2 jalapeno peppers chopped
6 cloves of garlic chopped
1 bunhc of cilantro minced

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a large bowl, toss the red onions, tomatillo, jalopenos and garlic with enough grapeseed oil to coat. Spread on a cookie sheet and roast until tender – probably about 20 minutes. Seaseon your pork shoulder with salt and pepper. Then in a large dutch oven or cast iron deep dish – sear the pork shoulder on all sides. Put the pork in your crock pot, add the chicken broth (if you don’t have broth, use watered down coffee, great flavor and something I do a lot) set crock for about 4 hours or until pork shoulder is ready to pull apart. About 2 hours in – add the roasted veggies and let the pork continue to cook with the veggies for the remainder of the time. Depending on your crock pot you may have to play with the amount of time and the heat setting. Mine usually does the trick on high for 4 hours. Once cooking is complete. Pull the pork apart in the tomatillo sauce and serve like a stew!

For a different twist – you can cube the pork and brown it in the dutch oven – add the veggies straight away – put it back in the oven that you lowered to about 350 and cook for about an hour. The pork won’t be as tender, but it will be delicious!

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One Comment on “Tomatillo Rich”

  1. July 21, 2011 at 4:49 pm #

    So, when should we come over for this delicious meal? Haha


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