I am not a farmer. Maybe a gardner.

My heart wants to be a farmer sooooooo badly! This is year two of my attempt at having a small garden. Springtime hit and I bought a hand tiller, which I did not use last year. I bought more tomato plants, several herbs and some tomatillos. Then, I went to work!  Got everything planted and my sprinkler set up. I was ready to go.

First couple of days everything went off without a hitch. Then my fennel and dill began to disappear – they were goners after about 6 days. Bunnies. So I called out to all my gardening and farming friends – here were the recommendations: wild animal urine, red pepper flakes (like a whole Sam’s container) marigolds, and my favorite suggestion, a pellet gun along with some EVOO, rosemary and thyme. So I sprinkled the red pepper. That worked for a day. Then I planted marigolds, bunnies still came back, this time eating my pepper plant. So I resorted to checking on the garden frequently and running at the bunnies screaming not nice names. Then I finally caved and put up bunny proof fencing. Phew, crisis averted… it would only be a few more weeks and I would be enjoying fresh tomatoes, basil, oregano, mint, peppers, culantro(heat tolerant cilantro) and tomatillos.

And I waited. Then… the tomato blyte hit. Awesome. Two tomato plants lost before I could get the Serenade fungicide.

OK, phew… now I have 2 plants to produce the tomatoes I have been waiting for and that heirloom plant has two HUGE beauties to ripen up. I’ll probably make a yummy tomato salad with those. And I waited, and waited, and waited. Those suckers took FOREVER to ripen. But then it happened. I walked out one day and there was a hint of pink on the larger one. WOOHOO – my wait was over. It would only be a few more days until I could enjoy – what I thought could be a prize-winning heirloom German Johnson – and then… the birds came.

They got my prize honker of a tomato first and then moved on to the smaller, yet still impressive, heirloom next. The only two tomatoes on the damn plant. It was at this point I walked away and I didn’t water for 2 days or look in the direction of the garden for that matter. We did get rain so the plants did not suffer. I finally mustered up the motivation to check on my garden about 4 days later. Low and behold I had a Black Prince tomato ready to be picked and the tomatillo plants were exploding. So as devastated as I was about the final tomato mishap – I think next year some better planning is in order. Like a weed mat under the soil, better soil, better tiller, maybe even some screen over my tomato plants. And last but not least… bunny fencing from day one.

I am still waiting on the tomatillos to ripen. But, my basil plant has recently taken off. So I chopped some basil up and along with my garlic scape I made a super yummy pesto sauce! Check it!

Pesto Sauce:
6 Garlic scapes
Bunch of basil
Fresh ground Sea Salt and Pepper to taste
Grapeseed Oil or Olive Oil
1/2 cup Toasted Pine Nuts – place in a saute pan over low heat until they start to turn golden
Tablespoon Lemon Juice

Place all ingredients in a food processor – except for the grapeseed oil. Begin to process and slowly poor in grapeseed oil to desired consistency.


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