So I had been hearing about this Whole9 website for a while and I have read up on it… seems pretty similar to the way we have been eating with Paleo minus the primal part I had been adding in on occasion. Oh and sans wine, for the whole30 part anyways. I guess wine could be a food group I add back in after the 30 days… but i digress… Whole30 has been looming for about 6 months to a year now (wait for the explanation of this below) – in preperation to run a nutrition challenge with our bootcamps (dubbed – project::reset) the hubs and I decided to started the Whole30 challenge a couple weeks early. The nurtition portion of the challenge will be heavily based on the Whole 30 guidelines. We’re also throwing in proper sleep, hydration, low stress and physical activity.

We’re on day 8 – I am feeling great. Workouts feel great. Running feels great. My tummy feels great! I am a lot more excited about the 30 day challenge than I thought I would be. I am also finding so many cool things to eat now that I absolutely cannot cheat. Give me an inch and I’ll take a mile when it comes to food and beverage.

This has been an eye opener for me, just when I thought I had this whole nutrition thing figured out. And even though I don’t often play this role – I was the Whole 30 naysayer. That’s right, I’ll admit it. I was a naysayer – I was eating and living a Paleo-ish lifestyle and that was good enough.  80/20 baby… all week, day, meal long… damn it. They got me.

Sooooo, many of my posts the next few weeks will most likely have a Whole 30 spin. You have been warned. I love this stuff!

A lot of people will probably find this gross – but I thought I would share, since this includes the “cool” things I have been eating on Whole30. We had a bootcamp trainer meeting this morning to discuss the nutrition challenge – by the time we were done, I was really hungry and had to make a trip to Healthy Home Market for dog food – well, carefully reading all the labels I also stocked up on Whole30 approved olives, smoked oysters, applesauce, canned manderin oranges, some tuna and roasted red peppers. Got home and there was only one egg left for breakfast and all the precooked meat from this week was gone. Sad Day! So what did I have for breakfast? Smoked oysters, one over medium fried egg, some green pitted olives and a tomato medley salad I had made from the yummy maters I bought at Atherton Mills Farmer’s Market. To the 7 varieties of tomatoes I added truffle grapeseed oil, smoked sea salt, red pepper flakes and 25 star balsamic. YUM!! I highly recommend this little tomato concoction and it lasted for 3 days as a side item for myself and the hubs!!

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