One of ‘THOSE’ days

Ever have one of those days where the last thing you want to do is cook? Probably. But for me it’s a rare occasion – cooking and food in general is my outlet. It’s what I love, every single day. Well today, was not one of those days. I got in my car after bootcamp and just had one of those feelings… UGH… I do not want to go home and cook. I am tired, sore as all get out and I just want someone to cook for me. Or, I could go to Zada Janes. PERFECT, I’ll go on the way home from bootcamp. Well not so fast… they don’t open until 8am. waaah… waaaah… waaaah… home I go to cook. So on days like this, it is a good thing that I have some left over pulled pork and some roasted veggies – give me a Pyrex dish – layer this puppy up and put some whisked eggs on top. breakfast IS SERVED! Crisis averted. I’ll be posting a picture of my wares a little later. Here’s the recipe:

Leftover Fritatta
Preheat oven 350(convection) 325 not convection
Pulled pork (cooked in a crockpot – rubbed with chipotle, mustard powder, pink sea salt, pepper, cumin and garlic powder)
Roasted Zuchinni and Squash from North 40 farms – roasted on a cookie sheet with grapeseed oil. Spiced with salt, pepper and garlic scape at 375
5 whisked eggs
Layer pork first, then roasted veggies on top, poor the eggs on top. I added a pinch of sea salt, pepper and chipotle powder over the eggs.

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